We validate our projects with a volume of real calls equal to those at production, thus minimizing the risks during going live

Performance Testing

Comprehensive end-to-end testing and analysis based on the most innovative tools

Performance Testing assess the whole Call Center infrastructure using real voice traffic and phone extensions.

Thanks to our own testing and analysing tools and methodologies which allow us to measure performance and assess the correct functioning of the systems, go live risks are minimized while a test plan, adequate to the Call Center complexity and business, is executed.

  • Assessment of the quality of service
  • Validation of different combinations of active systems
  • Verification of the environment and service during fail-overs
  • Efficiency of the organization rolling out Call Center projects

Main features







System analysis is not only aimed at specific Contact Center technology, but it also includes generic infrastructures on which any software may reside.

Web services
Operating Systems
Storage systems

Types of tests

Functional Testing

Tests are automated for every path customers might follow when interacting with the Contact Center. This ensures that end-customers’ experience goes according to design.

Soak Testing

Call traffic similar to that of production is applied for a long period and without alterations of the platform availability. This allows us to assess the behaviour and performance of the Contact Center under production conditions.

Burst Testing

Call peaks are applied to assess the performance of the elements in the Contact Center which do not use resources during all the call duration (e.g. IVR or routing).

Failover and recovery transition

Unavailability of some elements in the Contact Center is forced while a volume of calls and agents similar to those of production is introduced. This helps to analyze service degradation during failures and to determine recovery times.


The correct functioning of the platform is tested under a production load situation when backup elements are active.

Capacity Testing

It allows us to determine the maximum call capacity which the infrastructure can take.

Scalability Testing

Its purpose is to define the resources needed to support a higher level of call traffic than the current one.

Call Center assessment under production conditions

Global platform to generate and receive real calls according to customer behaviors
Agent simulator which makes massively same actions as live agents
Analysis of results following different test methodologies
Comprehensive report of results and action plan

Reporting and analysis of results


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